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About Us


Founded in 2020, Union Exteriors looks to create a positive customer minded experience in the home improvement world. Far to long have people had to worry about price, quality and workmanship, now with Union Exteriors customers can have a fair and affordable price without sacrificing the quaility of the products placed on their home or the experience of the installation team that puts it on. 

Our Story

Our team here at Union Exteriors is comprised of well rounded induviduals striving for the same goal. to create a fair, balanced and clean remodeling experience for each one of our home owners. We have come together with many years of experience a combined 25 years and while the company may be young we pride ourself on doing what other can not or choose not to do. 


Southern Oregon 

Medford, OR

Jan. 2020

Eugene, OR

Aug. 2022

Western Washington

Tacoma, WA

July 2023

Bremerton, WA

July 2023

Eastern Washington

Spokane, WA

Apr. 2023

Northern Idaho

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Apr. 2023

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